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Freedom Village Case Management

Case management is an essential component of the success of the formerly incarcerated. Case management involves concerted effort from the parolee, his case manager, the parole officer, the Department of Corrections, the courts and the various outside providers of programs necessary for a successful transition into public life. There are three main components of case management:  


  • Intake requests from referral sources: The Referral Source emails requests to the case management staff for the parolee to join, in our case, Freedom Village (FV). FV Staff reviews the parolee’s legal, dental, medical and psychiatric files. If accepted, an initial intake session is conducted by a mental health and substance abuse certified professional, which includes a broad spectrum of the applicant’s mental and physical history. Evidenced-based screening and assessment tools will be used to determine eligibility.


  • Open and consistent communication with parole officer: Case manager and staff will provide regular and timely reporting, as mandated by the courts, to the PO through C-WISE, monthly reports, emails, phone calls and in person meetings, as necessary. Our team will be able to follow the Matrix Level System if the PO deems it helpful.


  • Resident case plans: Driven by the initial and ongoing assessments, case plans are the roadmap to the parolee’s understanding and agreement of their success in entering, participating in, and completing our program. Case plans consist of the parolee’s legal requirements, insurance needs, medical, dental, mental health needs, freedom of illicit substances, education desires and needs, employment, family involvement, soul care, exercise/outdoor leisure and recreation, garden and food cultivation and production, and community giving back.


Freedom Village will employ a director of case management with thirteen years of experience working with men coming out of incarceration, and who has worked successfully with parole and the Department of Corrections. Our director will have the expertise to help each resident navigate the uncertainties of initial release and is passionate and committed to each of our resident’s ongoing successes, by working personally and seamlessly with each one.

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