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& Housing specifics


Site plans [available on request]:

  • Two distinct conceptual site plans developed

    • 36 Tiny houses of 150-400 s/f on individual 25’ x 40’ lots providing living and sleeping quarters, powder room and patio

      • Approximate 2-acre site required

    • 48 units in duplex cargo-containers [3 per stacked] concept of 200 s/f each on 50’ x 50’ lots providing the same basic amenities

      • Approximate 1-acre site required

    • General

      • All units xeriscaped for minimum water requirements

      • Super insulated to accommodate electric-only heat

      • Situated, sided and roofed to avoid barracks appearance

  • Clubhouse

    • Dining/meeting hall, offices, laundry and shower facilities and commercial kitchen in 2,100 square feet on 30’ x 70’ envelope

    • Outdoor patio and open spaces for community enjoyment

  • Other amenities aimed at teaching self-sustainable living to our residents and the public

    • Large bermed greenhouse with GAHT system heating

    • Veggie gardens

    • Chicken coop

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