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Business/ Work Affiliations: Doug has twenty-three years of experience in residential real estate sales with O Team Realty LLC, affiliated with Keller Williams Realty. He is also a successful real estate investor. He and Glenda run a success strategies coaching business focusing on building abundant mindsets.


School: BA Christian Ministry Cincinnati Bible College, Employing Broker license from Jones Real Estate School.


Ministry experience: Doug is a speaker, teacher, coach and published author specializing in helping individuals and companies develop a clear, compelling BIG WHY for their lives and businesses in three words or less. He has written a self-study coaching series entitled Massive Success. For the past fifteen years he has worked extensively on his own personal transformation along with other men and is proficient in the I Group model of men’s work. Doug is also an ordained minister, having pastored and planted churches for fifteen years.


Director, TOW Colorado

Doug is married to Glenda and resides in Highlands Ranch. A father of four and grandfather of twelve, Doug serves as the Colorado State Coordinator for Transform Our World ministries. TOW is a forty year-old international ministry working on city and nation transformation. Forever Free Coalition is operating under TOW inspiration and guidance, and plans to retain a strong affiliation with TOW into the future.

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