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An Ekklesia, as the most embryonic expression of The Church, is the gathering of at least two believers in the midst of the manifest presence of God, functioning with His authority to bind and release His will, beginning in their sphere of influence and spreading outward until The Great Commission is fulfilled.


EKKLESIA EVERYWHERE is a worldwide multiracial, multiethnic, multicultural coalition of Christians committed to making the world a better place by being the love of Jesus everywhere they live, work and play.  Each Ekklesia focuses on inserting goodness, peace and joy where those virtues are lacking by taking the power and the presence of God to their spheres of influence (home, school or workplace). Members registered at will receive ongoing encouragement through daily devotionals and weekly Holy Spirit downloads.


Click here to learn more about Ekklesia Everywhere and how to engage:  


Click here for testimonies of the work of Ekklesias around the world:


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