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Past business/ work affiliations: Ford Motor Company/Credit, Conseco Finance and Universal Underwriters. In 2003 opened his own mortgage company that led to purchasing a Real Estate franchise, along with operating property management and credit repair with 13 agents in two offices I owned in Northern Colorado until 2011. Working with HUD, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and local “low income programs” Marty created a platform to assist homeowners to retain their property during the housing crash and also help others purchase homes or obtain the position to be home owners.

School: Graduated Rocky Mountain HS, Bachelor’s degree (working on my Masters of Divinity) in 2007 in Biblical Studies.


Ministry experience: Marty served time in jail between 2002-2003, 2013-2016 for securities fraud, but obtained early release because the charges didn’t hold up. It was there God gave him a vision for reaching the incarcerated. Upon his release Marty began to volunteer in various prison ministries, and later started AMH in Larimer County, which has been highly successful, engendering local, state, and national attention. Before COVID-19 AMH would see approximately 250 men in their Sunday night meetings. AMH has Ministered to thousands of men and women, helping in everything from basic hygiene and clothing, transportation, vehicles, housing, meals, schooling through a fellowship they have come to trust. They have witnessed 120 baptisms in just under three years of operations, along with countless conversions and can provide hundreds of testimonies to the fruit of the ministry. Marty’s biggest obstacle has been finding housing for the ones who are committed to changing their lives, and that is why he got involved in FFC.


Ministry Coordinator

Marty “Hutch” Hutcheson is a fourth generation native Coloradan who lives in the Fort Collins/Loveland area. A father and grandfather, he serves his local church running the jail and prison men’s ministry called Authentic Manhood [AMH]. Marty will be working closely with FFC to locate and inspire ministry opportunities for the residents to take advantage of.

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