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Construction Supervisor

Peter Kockelman is a native Californian who moved here in 2016.  His mother and father passed on a legacy to see all people free and helped to heal from the past hurts that tend to impede their progress. Peter will be the development and construction manager for Freedom Village, and hopefully provide similar services on future villages around Colorado.


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Past business/work affiliations: Through their company Gravity Works, Peter and his brother started the world’s first bungee jumping company (Bungee Adventures) in 1988 and were involve in famous commercials that were featured in two Super Bowl ads.  The two then received a US patent for a human slingshot that propelled two riders 150-feet into the air with bungee cords.  They designed and manufactured 17 of these rides.  Following this Peter received his professional Mechanical Engineering license and was able to design and engineer the famous Skyscraper amusement ride, of which 20 were fabricated and sold.


Peter and two partners went on to start up Summit Steel Works in Silicon Valley which designed, fabricated, and installed structural steel for commercial buildings in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Their projects include the $55 Million dollar contract for the Apple headquarters in Cupertino, where they employed 150. Summit Steel Works is flourishing today with Peter at the helm, despite his relocating to Castle Rock, Colorado.


Currently Peter is working on several high profile and difficult construction projects at the Toth Ranch in Hot Sulphur Springs, CO.  He is starting the erection of 50,000 pounds of structural steel and stairs for a prototype treehouse-like structure hovering 40-feet above ground.


School:  Graduated from California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo with a Mechanical Engineering degree in 1986.  Significant graduate work subsequent to that in the Electrical Engineering department of California State University Northridge in Southern California.


Ministry Experience:  During a High School drunken brawl in a park in Palo Alto, California, Peter got his best friend stabbed and hospitalized.  He was jailed for 3 days and convicted of assault with a deadly weapon, an experience forever changed him.  After recovering in 2002 from a series of addictions, Peter started a healing ministry in his church in Menlo Park, California.  During the 13 years he ran that ministry, he also directed a Wild At Heart ministry based on John Eldridge’s writings, and for the next 10 years put on men’s retreats in the mountains twice a year.


In 2012 he started a porn addiction ministry at City Team Ministries San Jose, CA, along with a live-in addiction recovery program which still operates today.  While working with the men there he realized they needed help finding jobs and training to work after often many years of unemployment and few marketable skills.  Over the next 8 years, over 50 formerly-incarcerated men and men coming from the drug rehabilitation program were hired and trained to be ironworkers through Peter’s steel company.


Currently he has been trained and accepted to become a prison mentor at the Buena Vista prison complex in Colorado, but that has been put on hold temporarily due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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