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What is a

Healing Ministry?


Scripture tells us that God loves us, that He came and died for us in the person of the Lord Jesus. Jesus healed the people of their diseases and cast out evil spirits which brought healing to their bodies. Often times, He told those who were healed to go forth and sin no more.  All of this indicates that God can heal people of physical, emotional and spiritual issues AND that we need to be intentional to be holy and sin no more…we need to walk in repentance and forgiveness.

In this light, the concept of “healing” refers to being healed of physical disease, illness or deformities or ailments.  It also means being set free from emotional hurts and wounds from our past.  It can also mean being set free from spiritual bondage that causes physical ailments.  A Healing Ministry may focus on any or all of these forms of healing. People within the ministry are trained to hear the voice of God regarding a person’s situation and then bring God’s healing power into the person’s being to see them set free from physical, emotional and/or spiritual issues.   



Colorado Healing Coalition supports & empowers participating healing and deliverance ministries to prepare for the soon-coming harvest of souls and transforming revival until the coming of The Lord.


Meeting Room
  • Inner Healing

  • Deliverance

  • Physical Healing

  • Sozo Ministry

  • SRA/Intense Healing 

  • Counseling

  • Crisis Response

  • Addiction Recovery

Colorado Healing Coalition welcomes inquiries and participation from ministries and service providers that focus on any of the following:


Members of the Colorado Healing Coalition minister to both individuals and organizations.  The following is a testimony from a leader who has started an organization to serve women in recovery. For over a year, Colorado Healing Coalition members have supported her and her leadership team. This was a completely spontaneous testimony.  Please excuse the recording quality.

Rachel's testimony:  



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