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Freedom Village [a non-profit venture]: the concept

The Mission: In a Christian environment, to help deliver the formerly incarcerated from current high levels of recidivism due in part to a loss of individual identity and personal confidence, stemming from years of group living in prisons and halfway houses.

We will accomplish this through an 18-month program:

  • A combination of private and social living environments

    • Individual living spaces: Developing both tiny and cargo-container housing concepts to give each member private living

    • A clubhouse for social interaction with other members and family

      • Numerous local ministries involved to help members to re-integrate into society

  • Individual identity, thinking, and living restored

    • Abilities to make personal decisions and take personal responsibility stressed through setting up and then maintaining private living spaces

    • Biblical values and concepts taught to enforce who members are in God’s eyes

    • Harmful “herd mentality” thought patterns adopted through years of group living revealed and corrected

  • Merit-based programs

    • Personal disciplines and community rules, with abundant rewards for progress

    • Constant monitoring of case assignments by a professional case manager





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